The Mosaic Celebration is a program honoring culture and celebrating diversity. It is dedicated to the recognition of multicultural students who are graduating in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2021. Achieving this milestone in their lives is a major accomplishment that is worthy of celebrating and sharing with their family and friends. The Mosaic Celebration takes place every April and any student, who identifies as multicultural in any way and will be graduating in the Spring, Summer, or Fall semester of that year, is encouraged to apply and bring up to 3 guests who can share in this pivotal and life-changing moment with them. Graduating students are bestowed with the distinguished Mosaic Cord, and are celebrated by the CCC department, as well as special guests from the University Leadership and their loved ones.

The Mosaic Celebration is hosted by the Cultural and Community Centers (CCC) Department. Located within the Division of Student Affairs, CCC enriches the student experience through co-curricular programs and culturally relevant services that empower students in their identity exploration, promote cultural competence, and enhance practical and professional skills.

The 2021 Mosaic Celebration has concluded. If you apllied to be recognized and your application has been approved, but you have not picked up your Mosaic Cord yet, please email: